Tumbler Ridge Realty Expands

It used to be that all you heard about in Tumbler Ridge was the selling of houses. Hmmm, some things never change. Since opening its doors in January of 2005, Tumbler Ridge Realty has added two realtors onto the payroll. Well, not just yet. Both ladies have written their realtor exam and are waiting for their licenses, expected in August.

Sue Pittman-Kangas has been in Tumbler Ridge since the early days in 1983. Her previous career was with payroll first at Quintette Mine and then Bullmoose Mine. She stayed on following the closing of Bullmoose for about six months to attend to the cleaning up of files and transporting them to Vancouver. Since then she has been a stay-at-home mom to her children, only one of whom remains in Tumbler Ridge, while the others are attending school away from home.

When asked what her incentive to join this particular industry was, she answered that following seeing an ad from TR Realty in the paper, she was sparked to try something new.

Pittman-Kangas found the preparations for the licensing exam to be quite challenging. It was all done through correspondence from the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Caitlin Thompson may have the DNA for realty, as her father is Peter Thompson, owner of Tumbler Ridge Realty. Caitlin already has a lengthy list on her to-do list for opportunities, but smiles as she says that she is excited and a bit nervous to try this. She too found the exam challenging and it came on the heels of her exam for Bachelor of Science at the University of Alberta. She feels comfortable with trying realty, as she says she has watched her father at it for so many years and has likely picked up on a few things.

Both realtors will begin their new careers upon reward of licensing from the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC) in the next two or three weeks. RECBC is the regulatory agency established by the provincial government.