Tumbler Ridge Realty Open for Business

While the Grand Opening hasn?t been scheduled quite yet, the doors of TR Realty are indeed open for business. Peter Thompson is the Managing Broker of the new realty company, which set up shop and opened its doors on February 21st.

His office manager is Chris Raque, who greets everyone when they come in the front door. The advantage of having an office manager, says Thompson, ?is that when I am out showing a house, we don?t have to close our doors. Chris is here to continue helping people who come through the door.?

In the past, Thompson?s background in real estate started with being a realty broker in Alberta. He is licensed in both Alberta and BC, which require separate licensing province to province. He saw the potential several years ago, to have a realty brokerage here and felt strongly that resources would support it.

Three years ago, when Thompson and his wife first bought a house in Tumbler Ridge, he had already begun thinking about starting his current business. Up until recently, Thompson had been spending part of his time in both Tumbler Ridge and Beaverlodge, Alberta, where he and his wife have homes. Now that his company has opened, they will be relocating here more permanently.

TR Realty has several services. As well as being a brokerage, they offer the client key advertising elements, such as custom colour Xerox projects. These services are available for the realty business and also for general public copying needs. Another perk is that TR Realty offers a licensed property management service. This means they can find renters for your house or community property, lease or rent it out for the client, collect rent for the client and provide regular reports. Being licensed legalizes the process, which Thompson thinks should be the standard and often is not.

The business already has listings and is looking for BC licensed realtors. Due to a lack of local availability, Thompson may have to hire outside of Tumbler Ridge. Thompson ?s credentials are Managing Broker through the Real Estate Council of BC, MLS brand member and his academic background is a Masters in Education.

When asked about competitive realty companies, Thompson answers, ?Competition is positive. I mean to compete on all ends, commission rates and to give people a choice.? He feels he has a few advantages; one being that TR Realty is an on-site brokerage, as opposed to being run through a satellite office. ?We?re in a good location and have high visibility.? The other is having an office manager. Chris Raque smiles pleasantly from her desk. Her duties are to keep the office running, greet out of towners and the usual workings of an office.

The best news for Thompson and Raque is that CMHC will be lifting the restriction on selling houses in Tumbler Ridge. Previously there was a red flag against the town by CMHC and within the next month or two that restriction will change. TR Realty is located next to Jade?s Hardware. There is a website in the works and the launch of it as well as the grand opening for TR Realty will be announced soon.