Tumbler Ridge receives funding from Duke Energy

TUMBLER RIDGE ? Tumbler Ridge?s high caliber trail system will undergo another set of improvements, thanks to a generous donation by the Duke Energy Foundation. $2500.00 has been granted to the District of Tumbler Ridge on behalf of the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS) to implement another phase of their trail legacy project. This money will be used to improve signage at several local hiking trails, create new informational signage at the visitor information booth, and develop a Tumbler Ridge trail passport.

These trails are an integral component of our town?s high quality of life and have significantly boosted our ability to attract visitors,? states Economic Development Officer Ray Proulx. ?The addition of these signs will enhance the experience of the people that utilize this infrastructure through improved direction and heightened awareness of potential hazards. The passport will become a desirable keepsake for both residents and visitors and will encourage further trail use.?

Since their inception, WNMS has created an increasingly popular series of trails and hiking routes to nineteen destinations throughout the region. Offering accessible adventures to people of various ages and physical abilities, this network has brought Tumbler Ridge?s once hidden treasures to the attention of the world.

Descriptions and maps for many of the trails can be found on WNMS?s website at www.pris.bc.ca/wnms.