Tumbler Ridge resident brings home Silver

A week ago Janeth Strang wasn?t even thinking about taking part in the BC Winter Games. But through a series of events Janet not only competed, she brought home a medal.

The Tumbler Ridge Badminton Club was omitted from competing in the BC Winter Game playdowns. Rolf RaquƩ, who runs the Tumbler Ridge Badminton Club found out that Tumbler Ridge had not been invited to try out for the competition, so he made a few calls to find out why and an arrangement was made to have four people from Tumbler Ridge ready to particpate as alternates. Janeth was called up on Monday to replace an injured player for Friday and Saturdays tournament. ?Janeth was an excellent choice, she?s a great sportsman, a fierce competitor and exemplifies our ?never give up? motto.? Says Raque.

Janeth received the call inviting her to participate in the Ladies Singles, Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles competitions in badminton. Janeth said ?yes, yes and yes? and three days later she was on the floor competing in the ladies singles. Janeth played ladies singles all day Friday and ended the day with a very impressive fourth place finish.

Saturday morning Janeth competed in the ladies doubles competition with Annette Reeder from the Fort St. John Badminton club. Janeth and Annette won the silver medal in the Ladies Doubles competition.

?I played a lot of games and met some really nice people,? said Janeth, proudly displaying her medal. ?I made sure to invite lots of people from out of town to our open tournament in April?.