Tumbler Ridge Residents elect Mayor and Council for a three year term

Residents have cast their ballots and made their choices for mayor and council for the next term of office. The official election results, released from the District of Tumbler Ridge indicate that out of 1860 eligible voters 810 cast their ballots, which is 44% of the eligible voters voting. Those numbers are up slightly from the 2002 elections, in which 822 voters (42%) voted out of 1,965 eligible voters.

A total of 806 votes were cast for the mayoral candidates; Mike Caisley received 488 votes (60%) and was declared mayor. Clay Iles, (inclumbent) received 163 votes (20%); Jerrilyn Schembri 97 votes (12%), and Bill Hendley 60 votes (7%).

For positions of councillor, the following were declared: Larry White, 669 votes (16%); Michael Hunter 561 votes (14%); Pernell Kirby (incumbent, and now serving his second term of office) 558 votes (14%); Brenda Holmlund, 439 votes (11%); Rose Colledge (incumbent, serving her second term) 385 votes (9%); Brian Sipe, 359 votes (9%).

Also running for council were Doug Foerster who received 341 votes (8%), and John Hoult 328 votes (8%). Don McPherson and Lynn Way were seeking another term of office and received 275 votes (7%) and 202 votes (5%) respectively.

We wish our newly elected mayor and council every success in their positions, as they take on the task of representing the community over the next three years.How do we compare to other communities? (results are unofficial) Fort St. John has elected a new mayor, Jim Eglinski and six councillors with Don Stewart the only councillor to serve another term. Out of 13045 estimated voters, 3397 cast their ballots or 26% of eligible voters.

In Dawson Creek 2894 voters cast their ballots out of 6400 estimated eligible voters (45%). A new mayor has been elected in that city, Calvin Kruk, and one new councillor, Mike Bernier. The other elected councillors will be serving another term in office.