Tumbler Ridge Restorative Justice Program

On February9, 2007, a group of our young people come together at approximately 11:00 o?clock in the evening at our Community Center. They had been in the facility earlier but now were looking for something fun to occupy themselves with. Without thought of consequences, chunks of ice that were in abundance were used to hit a number of light globes and bulbs near the Roman Walkway. In total fifteen lights were broken. Those not directly involved gave assent by their presence and enjoyment of the spectacle. The people that wanted to make this situation right with the community took the opportunity to be a part of the Tumbler Ridge Restorative Justice Forum. Upon successful completion of the Restorative actions decided upon at the Forum, each participant avoids a Criminal Record and is recognized as a responsible citizen who corrected the actions of a wrong decision.

The following are letters written by individuals involved in the incident and participated in the Tumbler Ridge Community Justice Forum. Names have been withheld.

Number 1 Letter To the people of Tumbler Ridge.

I was a part of the group that broke 15 light globes by the Rec Center.

I am sorry that I broke light globes. It was wrong to break them. I know that the lights are needed for safety.

I will be paying my share of the money to get new globes. I will be also suspended from the Rec Center for three months.

It was very stupid what I did and I will not break anything in the Community again.

Name Withheld.

Number 2 Letter Dear Tumble Ridge

I am sorry for all the trouble that I have caused. This will never happen again and I hope u trust me I am truly sorry and if u don?t have to trust me but u can if u want to, but I hope that you will.

Name Withheld

Number 3 Letter

I would like to apologize to the Community Center for being there when the light?s were broke but the kids in this town have nothing to do but I have been banned for 3 months even though I didn?t touch them. I have to pay a fine of $92.61. I have learn to walk away from trouble. Sorry for being part of this.

Name Withheld

Number 4 Letter

To: community of tumbler ridge

I would like to apologize for being present when vandalism took place, and for not making the right decision by walking away. I took place int eh Tumbler Ridge Youth Justice Program. My consequences for those actions are 3 month suspension, letter of apology, and pay 92.61, for the replacement of the globes.

Name Withheld

Number 5 Letter

To: The community of Tumbler Ridge

I am sorry for Damaging the lights and the globes at the community Center and I will pay for the damage I have done. And I have agreed with the Tumbler Ridge Youth Justice Program as well as paying for the lights and a 3 month suspension from the Community Center.

Once again I am sorry and I won?t do it again.

Name Withheld

Submitted by Bill Hendley, Tumbler Ridge Restorative Justice Forum, Coordinator