Tumbler Ridge runners compete across Northern BC

Charles Helm


Tumbler Ridge distance athletes were out in force the weekend of 7-8 September, with no less than twelve excellent performances.

Eight runners traveled to Valemount to tackle the famous Berg Lake trail below Mt. Robson. Gisele and Tim Stanek, Sandra Chartrand and Luke Walter all performed well in the half marathon, while Terri Gale, Michael Kumpula, Daniel and Charles Helm all achieved their goal in the 46 km ultramarathon, all finishing strongly.

Terri then drove through the night to end up in Chetwynd in the morning, where she was joined by Birgit Sharman and Annah Kanda for the Chetwynd Half Marathon. All three posted great times, and the event served as good training for Annah in the lead-up to her debut marathon in Victoria in October.

Meantime Sarah Waters journeyed to Banff to participate in a triathlon: 1500m swimming and 38 km cycling followed by a 10 km run. In her first attempt at a triathlon of this magnitude Sarah achieved an amazing result.

Throw in the fact that just over a month ago Pete Brennan and Sigrid Robertson became the first local athletes to enter and complete the Iron Man Triathlon in Whistler (4 km swim, 160 km cycle, 42 km run), and it is evident that ultra-endurance events, spurred on perhaps by the Emperor’s Challenge, are a niche for Tumbler Ridge residents.