Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary hosts Cafe Latte

24 Grade seven students at Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary (TRSS) School hosted a busy Café latte fundraiser event on June 20th in the foods room. Several parents, sisters, brothers, and extended family members attended to support the event.

Each student addressed their customers in French and served various types of foods like soups, salads, tarts, cakes, and other yummy desserts depending on what was ordered from the ?menus?. Prices ranged from fifty cents to two dollars for each item.

Caroline Crispin, the student?s French teacher, said that the purpose of the Café was to grade each student for their final mark, and also to raise money for a class trip to Quebec in February of 2008. The Café Latte was the very first fundraiser. The students will also be hosting other fundraisers throughout the next several months for their trip.

Mrs. Caroline Crispin and two other teachers will be accompanying the students on the trip which will cost each student approximately $1973 each. The six day trip will be hosted by EF Educational Tours.

*Six visits to special attractions such as the Observatoire de la Capitale, Museum of Civilization, Chateau Frontenac, Biodome, Olympic Park, and the Archaeology Museum.

The students will spend their first day in Montreal and then to Quebec City for a walking tour. Days two and three will be spent on a guided tour sightseeing Quebec City and attending the Quebec a Carnival. The next three days will be spent touring Montreal.

Crispin said that she hopes to have enough parents and students attend each fundraising event so that the cost for each student going on the trip will be significantly less. ?So far, there are 18 students signed up?, Crispin said.

At the end of the hour-long event, most of the food items were sold out. ?It was a very successful fundraiser?, Crispin said.