Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary News

Grade 11 English class


On September 9, 2015, students returned to TRSS for a student assembly where they were greeted by principal Mr. Broderick and vice principal Mrs. Proulx.

The students were introduced to the staff and then they were reminded of expectations and policies. After the assembly they got their new lockers and then went to their classes to meet their individual teachers.

September 10 was the students’ first full day of school. Classes start at 8:40 am and end at 3:03 pm. A typical student has four courses per day that are 80 minutes each. Students enjoy a 40-minute lunch. The first semester will end at the end of January.

Low Enrolment

This year we have recorded our lowest enrolment in years. Three years ago there were 208 students enrolled in our school. This year we have 125 students.

Low enrolment affects our school in many ways. First of all, the staff has gotten smaller: this year we have two less teachers than last year. We have also lost two support staff. Also, our librarian’s position has been cut in half. Low enrolment also means that we do not have funds for extra courses and athletics.

Despite the low numbers, our school is an amazing place. The small numbers means we are a close-knit community. The students and staff are coming up with ideas for fundraising so that activities can continue at TRSS.

The Foods Class will be opening a concession to raise money for the foods class. Also a yard sale is being planned. The administrators are planning a fundraiser for athletics.


Cross-country and drama are some of the activities underway. The KodiActs have been a major success thanks to scriptwriter and director, Tracy Krauss. This year we look forward to a Christmas play.

Cross-country running is already in full swing. Practices are on Monday and Wednesdays after school. This is the third year that Sarah Mahaffy has coached the team. Zones will be held in Dawson Creek.

Basketball practice hasn’t started yet but the Girls Basketball Team will be hosting the Zone Tournament in the New Year. Unfortunately, there is yet to be a volleyball team organized.

Students To Vote in Federal Election

The Student Vote Program is a national online program to encourage youth participation in voting. Schools who participate receive instructive materials, posters, and election supplies.

Mrs. Mahaffey’s Grade 9 Social Studies class and Mrs. Broderick’s Grade 11 Social Studies class are counted upon to create informational posters on the main political parties and local candidates involved in the 2015 federal election.

The purpose of holding a mock election and having students vote is so that the next generation of voters are involved in the process. Teaching the younger generation how to vote will hopefully boost the number of young voters in the future.

In the last federal election, only 38 percent of 18–24 year olds turned out to vote. By practicing the habits of informed and engaged citizenship at a young age, students will be more inclined and prepared to participate in our democracy when they graduate high school.

Welcome Students: New and Old

Students are back at TRSS. For some it is not only a new school, but also a new country. Our new students first day of school was exciting. They met new people, but they were nervous at the same time.

The language was hard to learn for some of them. Some of our new students come from the Philippines, and some are from South Africa.

School is different here. Ivan and Anne just moved from the Philippines. They say that they had 45 students to a class, and the high school there was more like college for them. They had to wear school uniforms as well. We hope they enjoy their new school.

Some students like Skye, are returning to TRSS after a few years of being away in Edmonton. “I wanted to move away,” she says, “but after a while I wanted to come back… I missed my friends.” Welcome back students.

We also welcome the grade sevens. It’s very different for them but they love it. They feel like kindergartens again because they are so small. They say high school is not hard yet. They expected the work to be really hard. They are really happy that they get lots of freedom.

It’s the last year for the grade twelves and they are very excited to move on in their lives. One of our students Amy is looking forward to college in Victoria. The last year is very stressful for them because they are becoming adults and having to look out for themselves now. The best part of this for them is going to grad and picking out their grad dresses and tuxes. We wish you luck.

 Upcoming Events at TRSS

Picture DayOctober 8

Garage/Bake Sale and Silent AuctionOctober 3 10am–2pm. Donations and baked goods can be dropped off the day before or morning of the event.