Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary Newsletter

The fourth and final term began on April 23. We have less than two months of school remaining.

Report Cards Report Cards will be released on Friday, May 4. If you dont receive your son or daughters report card, please contact the school. With less than two months remaining to the school year, it is very important that students remain diligent with their studies. Parent/Teacher interviews will take place on Wednesday, May 9, and Thursday, May 10. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school to make arrangements to see your son or daughters teachers.

Course Selection Course selection sheets will be released soon. Please spend some time with your son or daughter to discuss course options for next year and have them return their signed selection sheet as soon as possible. If you have any questions about graduation requirements or course offerings, please contact Mr. Smith.

Parent Meeting Mark May 14 at 7:00 pm on your calendar for a parent meeting up in the TRSS library. The purpose of the meeting will be to seek input from parents regarding our current school code of conduct and student handbook. We value your input and I?m looking forward to a positive and productive meeting. Hope you can make it.

Publishing Likenesses From time to time we will have pictures taken of your son/daughter in either their classrooms or during school activities to celebrate student achievements or accomplishments. If for any reason you do not wish to have your son/daughter?s picture or name published in the paper, newsletter, or within the school, please contact the school.

Upcoming Events

– There is a student recognition assembly on Tuesday, May 8 at 9am.

– The school board will be meeting in Tumbler Ridge on May 16. Mrs. Crispin and some students that participated in the France / Italy trip will be making a presentation to the board.

– On May 16, at 9am, addict Randy Miller from the film, ?Through a Blue Lens?, will be talking to our grades 8-12 about life as an addict.

– May 18 is a NID. The teachers of TRSS and the School Planning Council will be working on the school growth plan for next year.

– All grade 9 students are invited to tour the Northern Lights College in Dawson Creek on May 30. We will be taking the bus but we will require a couple of parent drivers as the bus will not accommodate all of our grade 9s.

– May 31 is the last PAC meeting of the year. It will start at 7pm and will take place at TRE.

Phys Ed Department The PE Dept would like to thank MR Maintenance for the kind donation of $450. The money will be used to buy new volleyball uniforms for the girls team.

Thanks to the guidance of Mrs. Helm, Mrs. Sharman, Ms. OReilly, and Mr. Hogg, our track and field team has been meeting twice a week. The first meet of the year will be on May 12 in Grande Prairie. Zones will take place in Prince George, from May 24 ? 25.

The golf team, coached by Mr. Ferguson, will be off to Taylor on Monday, May 7, for a tournament. The team will be back there again on May 14 to compete in the zone tournament. We wish you the best of luck!

Mechanics Department

The Mechanics class is able to do summer tire changeovers and oil changes. Please contact Mr. Wylie for additional information.

The Mechanics Department would like to thank Carmen Pegg for washing the class set of coveralls.

S. Treit ? Principal

B. Broderick ? Vice Principal

Ph: 242-4227 Fax: 242-3600

May 4, 2007