Tumbler Ridge Seniors Golf Report

I know you readers have been dashing to the door of late to read what is happening with the Seniors Golf. What a disappointment I’m sure when you find that electrifying article missing. Well, your reporter (I use the term loosely) had company 2-1/2 weeks ago, people from Saskatchewan on their way home from Alaska. We decided to take them to our magnificent falls and, lo and behold I gave them two falls for the price of one. Took a pratt fall right at the overlook and went down in slow motion (they tell me). Right foot went north and left slightly south by southwest, breaking my ankle. I still say the fellow tripped me from behind (retired RCMP and we all know how sneaky those devils can be). Whatever, I guess I’ll be laid up for another few weeks unless we can figure out a way to put golf cleats on the bottom of my cast.

Thanks to Jean Slaney for taking over the running of the Wednesday Funfest.

Pat Fraser