Tumbler Ridge Seniors

The Seniors activities are picking up as the summer nears.

Seniors golf started on June 4 with 19 people showing up at the course. We seniors don?t adapt all that well, so new ideas were received with grumblings and confusion, but that will all be ironed out in time. In the meantime the weather cooperated and we all had a good day. I have to admit to being a bit single minded here as the only winner I can remember from that game was Gerry Fraser for longest putt. The second game of the season was held June 11 with Lloyd Hanberg winning first place, Susan Bays taking the boobie prize and Gerry Fraser winning the door prize.

Several of us are planning on going to The Links Course in Ft. St. John on Tuesday, June 17 for the tryouts for the Seniors Games. Unfortunately, by the time you see this in print the tryouts will be over with but we are hoping that any of you who were interested were aware of this. To participate you had to be 55 as of December 31, 2008 and have a handicap as registered with the RCGA.

The drop-in centre on Tuesday afternoons at the Recreation Centre will continue into the summer depending on attendance. If you want to drop in for coffee or take part in other activities please stop by. If there isn?t anything going on you are interested in perhaps we can have it there the following week.

Cribbage at the library on Wednesday nights has been halted for the season. We are eager to get it going again in September so keep your eyes and ears open come late August. That gives you the whole summer to hone your cribbage playing skills.

On that note, 7 of our cribbage players went to Hudsons Hope on Saturday, June 7 for the cribbage tryouts. 3 of the 7 were successful and will attend the B.C. Seniors Games in Prince George on September 10-13. Those who placed were: Vera Phillips, Margaret Ash, and Jeanette Johnson. Also rans were:

Bob & Donna Mandeville, Joan Sidwell and Pat Fraser.

Moire Jones will be attending the games as a Zone 12 representative in singles badminton. Good luck ladies on your trip to the Games.

The monthly meeting of B.C. Seniors Games Committee, Zone 12, was held in Tumbler Ridge on Wednesday, June 11. There were 31 people present from Ft. St. John, Dawson Creek, Toms Lake, Chetwynd, Hudsons Hope and, of course, Tumbler Ridge. After the meeting we all enjoyed a luncheon of Chili and buns as well as veggie and fruit trays and, my favourite part of any meal, DESSERTS. Then came the FUN part of the meeting, the raffle draw of tickets sold all over Zone 12. The winners were:

$1000.00 Kevin Vig of Hudsons Hope

$500.00 Wayne Rose of Chetwynd

$300.00 Jaeger Pulford (the writing was not too clear and it was a cell phone so we aren?t too sure where he was from)

$200.00 Bernice McDougall of Pouce Coupe/Toms Lake area

To those of us from Tumbler Ridge who bought tickets and didn?t win, we can blame our local RCMP Constable Tim Hawkes. I did notice he was wearing his flak vest when he came to draw the tickets.

I suspect my next article will appear after the Seniors Games when I will update you on all the GOLD medals brought back to Tumbler Ridge.