Tumbler Ridge Shines at the Grande Prairie Travel and Leisure Show

Seizing the opportunity to promote Tumbler Ridge as a place to vacation, live and do business, the District?s Economic Development Department entered the 3rd annual Grande Prairie Travel and Leisure Show, which took place February 28th and 29th at the Crystal Centre. With the help of members from our local business and non-profit communities, two 10?x10? booths were secured to enhance our exposure amongst 60 other displays. Located adjacent to the main event stage, our community?s presence was immense. When compared to the three other organizations representing destinations in British Columbia, Tumbler Ridge had the largest and most thoroughly staffed display. This attests to the power of collective effort and cooperative promotion that results when local businesses and organizations work as equal partners with municipal government to better their economy. As we continue to move forward, this will be the preferred method of marketing Tumbler Ridge to the rest of the world.

With an audience of over 3000 people throughout the entire weekend, it is safe to say that our town left a sizable impression on our neighbors from Northwest Alberta. It is amazing that despite the amount of exposure we have received over the past few years, people are still learning about who we are and what we have to offer. We will continue to get the good word out to people that still haven?t heard it, and as a result we immediately booked ourselves for next year?s show.

Sponsors and participants of the show included the Tumbler Ridge Golf and Country Club, MCA Publishing, Wilderness Lodge, TR Inn and Twilight Lodge.

A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers who assisted with the creation, set up and staffing of our trade show booth. These wonderful people included: Trish Clooney, Jan Olson, Ken and Elaine Guske, Chris and Rolf Raque, Jean and Kevin Slaney, Jonathan and Lily Liu.