Many people have been speculating about the meaning of the large sign that has been placed on display at the corner of Founders St. and Southgate. Contrary to what some believe, the sign has nothing to do with the work that was done to Highway 52 this past summer. In fact, this sign calls attention to infrastructure rehabilitation that began last year and will continue until the end of 2005. Through the efforts of the Public Works department the District of Tumbler Ridge was awarded $617,000 on March 15, 2004 to complete road works at various locations throughout the community. The scope of the work funded includes curb and gutter work, repaving and replacing catch basins to 405 metres of Front Street; repaving 1,165 metres of Murray Drive; repaving 968 metres of road on Wapiti Drive, Kinuseo Avenue and Pioneer Drive; and repaving 1,370 metres of road on Fellers Avenue and Peace River Crescent.  This funding announcement was made last year alongside 57 other new infrastructure projects. With a total value of approximately $108 million under the Canada-British Columbia Infrastructure Program these projects included 17 ?green? and 40 community projects located throughout British Columbia.