The Tumbler Ridge Figure Skating Club is experiencing its largest participation level this year than it has seen in the past five. ?There are close to 50 kids involved in the program? noted avid supporter Theresa Lehmann. ?That is very good considering that the girls hockey team started up this year?. Sherri Golob and Christine Clare coach the kids Monday and Wednesday evenings. There are three levels of skaters aged 3 to 15 years. The season always wraps up with the March Ice Skating Carnival, and annual club fundraiser. The program is a recreational one. ?It?s all about developing fundamental figure skating skills and having some fun out there?, comments figure skater dad Jason Collison. ?Just to get the kids out there doing something contributes to their social development. And hey, it?s good exercise to boot?.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in a place not far from here, a little one dreamed of being a magnificent Figure Skater. He went to the ice palaces and saw the crowds marvel at the graceful leaps and spectacular jumps of the professional skaters. They were dressed in elegant costumes and moved to the back drop of beautiful music. He was among them when they applauded loudly and rose to their feet as the skaters danced across the ice in picture perfect fashion. They would glide with the greatest of ease, then jump and dazzle the audience as they flew through the air as if they had wings. He dreamed that one day he would be on an ice surface performing feats of wonder, with people coming from far and wide to witness his expertise. He would bring joy and inspiration to those watching his every stride and twist.

Well he practiced hard. He skated every day, and worked on strengthening his stride. When he was tired, he pushed himself to do a few more laps so that he would become stronger. When he was cold, he put on a pair of dry mitts so he could last a little longer and get the extra time in to develop his skills. When he was hungry or thirsty, he brought his level up a notch, so he could earn that break sooner than later. He was always the first one on the ice and also the last one to leave. He was very dedicated to his program, and focused his sights on someday being one of the best in the world. Somebody that people would pay money to see skate.

Well, one day, after years of practice, cold hand and feet, runny noses, and falls to the ice, he saw his dream come true. By investing his time into honing his skill, remaining dedicated to his dream, and making the sacrifices necessary to become worthy of an audience, he saw his dream come true. He was skating in sold out ice palaces. People came from far and wide, and paid money, just to watch him skate. When he was on the ice, he could hear the crowd cheering for him. He was dressed in the finest of clothing, with symphonies highlighting his every move. And he stood before them, and bowed with grace and pride.

He saw his dream come true because he believed in himself, and he had a goal. Then once his gift was refined, he used it to make others better, by teaching others what he knew, and donating time and money to community events.

We should all believe in ourselves and do what we can to make our community a better place.

Follow your dreams, get some exercise, and support the Figure Skaters Ice Carnival.