Tumbler Ridge Skating Carnival presents ?Rock of Ages? for 2007

On March 8th, 42 figure skaters from the Tumbler Ridge Skating Club performed their show ?Rock of Ages? for approximately 300 people at Community Centre. The music selected for the carnival this year included songs from the 1950?s all the way into the 1990?s.

The number of skaters who joined this year is the most that the club has had in years.

The carnival opened with ?Oh Canada? sung by Georgia LaPrairie-McManus. The intermediates and senior skaters followed shortly after with the song ?Rock of Ages?. The beginner class who skated to ?The Peppermint Twist? created huge applause from the audience for their effort. Solo performances were by Natalie Sharman, Letitia Lawlor, Cora MacLaren, Jenna Antkowiak, Danielle Lively, and Kalin Sitter. The costumes were well suited for each era and the choreography was timed to perfection.

The guest skater this year was 12 year old Tess Connelly. Connelly, who is from Dawson Creek, won a silver medal in the Pacific Skate competition. The competition was held this year in Dawson Creek on March 3rd and 4th. Connelly gave two amazing performances for each half of the carnival.

Christina Clare (Head Coach) and Marcie Doonan (Assistant Coach) seemed very proud of their group of skaters at the end of the evening. The Club presented the coaches and Tess Connelly with flowers after the final event.