Tumbler Ridge Smokee Blue Most Sportsmanlike team at Tournament

The Tumbler Ridge Novice Smokee Blue Stars hockey team played in a tournament last week in Chetwynd. The Stars played well but could not come up with a win. In the second game, Brandon Crispin put them on the board, and in the third game it would be Dusan Slepcev with his 1st goal ?ever?. They were not to go home empty handed. They recieved the ?Most Sportsmanlike Team? for the tournament. This is the second time the team has recieved this award.

Coach Paul Payne said that is was a well deserved award. To lose every game and still go out and give your all, shows their spirit and love for the game. They have come along way since September.

Brandon Crispin, and Jerricho Davis won the ?Husler? awards with Kelly Fry taking ?MVP? award.