Tumbler Ridge Student Awarded CJDC/NTC Community Project Grant

Northern Lights College student Lori Homister was recently awarded $2100 for a CJDC/NTV Community Project Award to coordinate a community art and drama event in Tumbler Ridge.

Assisted by Carolyn Golightly of NLC and high school drama teacher Tanya Drover, Lori?s proposal included a budget for set design, costumes, music and stage setup to support a production that would showcase local talent. The result is an ?Evening of Performing Arts? – scheduled to take place on the last weekend in June 2004.

A screening committee is being established, to assist potential performers in determining length and content of their acts. Performing arts can include dramatic works such as comedy, monologues, skits; music in the form of solos, duets ? accompanied or a cappella ? choirs and rehearsed bands. Original works, such as poetry, lyrics, musical compositions and short stories are encouraged.

Local artists and pianists have already volunteered to assist the performances and the TRSS drama club has started planning one feature and two small skits. Proceeds from the nominal admission fee will sponsor the students? overnight trip to a live production in Prince George.

Lori, Carolyn and Tanya welcome expressions of interest from interested residents and students. Community art organizations, which have been invited to participate, are asked to promote the event and distribute details among their members. The committee will be looking for volunteers to help with the stage, lighting and sound systems and the design of a curtain system.