Tumbler Ridge Students

What happens when you put 18,000 teenagers in one room? You get the largest Youth Conference in Canada and it is taking place May 26th through 28th at Rexal Place in Edmonton. A delegation of 33 are heading out from Tumbler Ridge. Armed with Row 18 floor seats, there are a lot of excited youth in town. And that excitement is being displayed in various fundraisers that are taking place to raise the $8000.00 that it will cost for conference admission, travel, lodging and meals for these 33.

Currently youth have raised over $3000 thanks to generous donations by Burlington Resources, Westmar, Pelly Construction, TR Thrift Store and Wilderness Lodge as well as bottles that were donated by the community, and those who purchased Silver Dogwood trees and Purdy?s Chocolates. There was also an anonymous donation of $500 from a very generous member of the community. The TR Inn donated a prize.

Youth have come up with an initiative to celebrate Tumbler Ridge?s 25th or Silver Anniversary. The ?Plant A Silver Dogwood Tree to Celebrate? fundraiser is on going until the last week in April. This fundraiser has youth selling Silver Dogwood Trees (Silver for the anniversary, dogwood as it is BC?s flower). These trees are in one gallan pails and currently stand approximately two feet tall. They will grow to be approximately 7-10 feet tall if left to grow but can be pruned yearly to keep them shorter and bushier. Trees can be purchased from youth or call Colette at 242-4424 or Jerrilyn at 242-3778 to ensure that you get your tree.

Another fun fundraiser is being held April 13th and that is our Spudtastic Potato Event or the Ode to the Potato. This event was a blast last year featuring events such as potato carving, mashed potato sculpting, potato jewelry making, prizes, potato bowling and various other potato events. And the food for the night? You guessed it, potatoes. Call Colette or Jerrilyn for more information.

Watch for a youth garage sale, table at the next market at the Community Centre and other various fundraisers which will take place before May 26th.

As always we thank this community for their support of the Youth and for their generosity.