Tumbler Ridge to Take Part in ICBC Challenge

Here?s the deal. What would you say if I asked you not to have a car accident for 23 days? That is what ICBC is doing in their Community Crash Reduction Challenge, May 5-27. The Community Crash Reduction Challenge is a great opportunity for communities throughout British Columbia to help reduce crashes and road-related injuries.

This is how the challenge works. ICBC has analyzed the number of crashes involving the residents of every community in BC over the last five years between May 5 and 27. Each community will be given a Crash Prediction based on this average. The community that reduces this number by the greatest percentage wins. The winning community will receive $10,000 in road safety grants and the recognition that comes along with this achievement.

Tumbler Ridge crash prediction based on the previous five-year average for the period May 5-27 is six crashes, which is not all that high considering that there is a car crash every two minutes in British Columbia. This puts the crash rate of Tumbler Ridge at 15.9 per 10,000 people. Although Tumbler Ridge?s numbers seem low, when you think about those six crashes that are predicted to occur within the 23 days, there is lots of room for improvement. Let?s aim for zero crashes during this period.

This is an opportunity for the people of Tumbler Ridge to take action to improve their own and others safety. It is hoped that this challenge will serve to make road users more aware of how they can make a difference. Try leaving five minutes early so you aren?t in a rush, don?t drive when tired, avoid alcohol and drugs when driving, pay attention to road conditions, these are just a few suggestions to consider.