Tumbler Ridge Tops

Trent Ernst, Editor


As predictable as a snowstorm in May, and just as reviled, the Fraser Institute’s Report Card on BC’s Elementary Schools came out last week, ranking Tumbler Ridge Elementary as the top school in the South Peace.

Tumbler Ridge climbed nearly 200 spots, from 523/746 in last year’s report card to 363/978 in this years’.

Of course, this is faint praise, as Tumbler Ridge’s marks this year would be 68 percent, or a C-. Still it’s better than the rest of the District, which, taken as a group, would be getting an F.

The Fraser Institute ranked round 1,000 schools across the province, looking at Grade 4 and Grade 7 Foundation Skills Assessment results to calculate each school’s overall rating out of 10.

The seven schools in School District 59 averaged 4.9 out of ten. The lowest of the bunch was Littler Prairie Elementary near Chetwynd, with a score of 2.3. It ranked 951 out of 978.

Schools in the North Peace ranked better, with Upper Pine Elementary near Rose Prairie getting a score of 8, up from last year’s score of 6.8, making it one of the most improved schools in the province.