Tumbler Ridge Volunteers ? THE HEART OF THE COMMUNITY

Peggy St. Angelo and Ellen Sager are part of the garden club team that donated their time and materials to replant the flower beds at the Tumbler Ridge Medical Centre. The beds were maintained by the Tumbler Ridge Ladies Auxiliary to the Health Centre but that organization disbanded some years ago because of an eroding volunteer base. Since then the flower boxes have been empty.

As the community grows so do our services, and our volunteers are one of the reasons that Tumbler Ridge is such an attractive place to live.

Lynn Way, who is the ShopEasy Florist, holds hotdog and pop lunches outside of the store, collects cans and bottles, and uses the proeceeds to help seniors in need of veterinary care for their pets.

The Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society volunteers work on building and maintaining trails so that everyone can enjoy them – and the list goes on.

In many cases that time committment is no small matter. Janet Hartford once said that when she and husband George retired from teaching they found another, unpaid career volunteering and calculated that they spent on average 35 hours a week (each) working with community projects, many of them major.

It was the effort, time and dedication of the Hartfords that gave Tumbler Ridge a swimming pool. After the pool was built Janet created the TRISPS Craft Fair which is still held every November. Proceeds from the event go to the pool to purchase ?extras? such as toys, and slides; equipment that is not within the budget for the pool, but is neverthenless a very welcome addition to the many residents and visitors who enjoy those amenities.

Thanks to all of you who make life so pleasant for the rest of us.

Thanks from the Health Centre

Thanks from the Health Centre The staff of the Tumbler Ridge Health Center would like to send a big bouquet of thanks to Ellen Sager, Nellie Meredith, Celine Paradis and Peggy St. Angelo.

These very active members of the Garden Club have once again turned the flower boxes outside the health center into things of beauty by planting an assortment of flowers and plants which will give pleasure to all who pass by during the next few months.The health center is fortunate to have the support of people who care and this is an example of that.

The town crew, under the direction of Clark Hazelhurst, offer their support by watering these plants as we have no water supply in close proximity to the boxes. We also wish to thank them for keeping the plants alive.You are all very much appreciated. We invite the public to stop and smell the flowers and wish everyone a safe and happy summer.