Tumbler Ridge Welcomes RCMP Officer

He has traveled a long way to join the Tumbler Ridge RCMP detachment as the newest member. For those of you who keep up to date on community happenings by reading the Police Blotter, you will know exactly what I?m talking about. Constable Wade Harvey arrived last week and has already begun to carry out his duties as an RCMP officer in Tumbler Ridge.

Cst. Harvey comes to Tumbler Ridge from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. The oldest of two boys, Cst. Harvey developed varied interests which led him on the path to becoming an RCMP officer. After completing high school he attended University, where he received Honours in biology and a Major in psychology as well as playing fullback on the University football team. Cst. Harvey also spent two years coaching high school football.

Activities this RCMP member participates in include weightlifting, jogging and stone masonry but right now Cst. Harvey?s attention now is on his upcoming wedding to his fiancé Erin. On October 8th , Cst. Harvey?s father, who is a Baptist Minister, will be performing the wedding. Erin is currently studying dentistry at Dalhousie University and has two years left before completing the program.

Cst Harvey was accepted into the RCMP after a lengthy screening process, and attended Depot in Regina, Saskatchewan and hopes to eventually pursue a career in forensics with the RCMP.

?I couldn?t be more pleased with my posting in Tumbler Ridge,? says Harvey who is looking forward to his time in Tumbler Ridge. ?Tumbler Ridge seems like a lovely little community and I hope to help keep it that way as there seems to be a good relationship between the RCMP and the community.?