Tumbler Ridge Youth Dance Recital

For the second consecutive year, dance and modeling instructor Caitlin Thompson from Edmonton, Alberta was in Tumbler Ridge. Thompson has been ballet dancing since she was five years old in Beaverlodge, Alberta at the Satin Slipper Dance Club. She has been teaching since she was 15. Previously she was in a modern dance company in Grande Prairie. Thompson has competed across Western Canada in ballet, jazz and tap, and has taken her exam for the Royal Academy of Dance; completing her Pre-Intermediate. She is currently studying at the University of Alberta for her Bachelor in Science degree, as well as dancing with the Dancers Academy in Edmonton.

Thompson?s father, Peter, owner of Tumbler Ridge Realty, drew her attention to the fact that there was no dance program available in town. She contacted Cheryl Hayden at the Community Centre and they arranged a time for her to come. It was so successful in its initial year that she returned again this summer.

Instructor Thompson offered two sessions of five days each; with several categories and levels of ballet, jazz and tap for the dance camp. The modeling is offered in one five day session and had two separate programs, child and teen modeling.

The dance camp culminated into a mini-recital performed on July 22nd. Proud families and friends streamed into room 4 to see what the children had learned. The junior group, six in all, were aged 3-5 and the senior group of 14 students were aged 6-13.There were approximately 60 people attending to watch the 20 students dance.

The children did several numbers, exhibiting their newfound skills. After the recital, the kids took their final bow to the applauding audience.

Thompson then handed out two scholarships of $25 each, donated by TR Realty. The scholarship for the senior age group was presented to Brooklyn Collison and the scholarship for junior went to Darby MacNeil. The bursaries were based on positive attitude in class, outstanding potential and a show of strong commitment to dance.