Tumbler Ridge?s Canadian Junior Rangers Program

?The Junior Ranger Program is a free community based program where young adults can build self ? esteem by learning how to handle increased responsibility as well as be able to communicate and have a connection with their communities.

Through Junior Ranger Program the Junior Rangers learn survival techniques out in their wilderness surroundings; Traditional Skills: making shelters, hunting, fishing and living off the land; Life Skills: PHASE Program comes to effect by teaching the Junior Rangers how to live a healthy lifestyle and develop social skills.?

Rema Mcarthur, Committee Chair

Supported by an adult volunteer group, the 15 Junior Rangers in Tumbler Ridge are taking part in a Canada-wide program that offers young people in 111 remote and isolated communities across Canada an opportunity to take part in fun and challenging activities. There are currently more than 3300 Junior Rangers enrolled in the program, which is open to young adults from ages 12 to 18.

In Tumbler Ridge the Junior Rangers program has been active since 2003. The program has had as many as 23 enrolled, with four patrol leaders and three chairpersons over the past four years. this year the adult committee, Rema McArthur, Albana Sulaj, Anita Smith, Marsha Dufresne are looking for adults to sit on the committee, and are also still looking for a patrol leader.

The patrol leader must be a Canadian Ranger, and is nominated and then voted in. The patrol leader teaches ranger skills to the Junior Rangers in the group.

In a meeting on Wednesday with Warrent Officer Bart Stewart, a Junior Canadian Ranger Instructor and Captain Christopher DeMerchant Junior Rangers, the discussion centered around the Tumbler Ridge Program.

Skills that Junior Rangers will learn include hiking weekends that involve learning to read a map, a compass, and how to set up a tent, or a group of tents and are all part of the outdoor adventure. Activities planned for this fall include participation in Remembrance Day, and a weekend outdoor camp in Pouce Coupe on the 14th of November. Junior Rangers from Hudson?s Hope, Prince George, Pouce Coupe, and Tumbler Ridge will be meeting in Pouce Coupe. Sargent Warrent Officer Bart Stewart will be in charge of training for the weekend.

The Junior Rangers program is open to everyone, and interested youth and parents can contact the committee chair, Rema McArthur at 242-5400 or please speak to any of the committee members.