Tumbler Ridge?s Paralympic Gold Medallist To Give Motivational Presentation In Library

Jason Delesalle will be returning to Tumbler Ridge to be inducted into the Tumbler Ridge Sports Hall of Fame on 27 January. Jason is one of the most talented athletes Tumbler Ridge has produced. He began training during high school in Tumbler Ridge, just like members of the track and field teams today, and went on to enjoy a great athletics career. Over a sixteen year period he attended numerous provincial, national and international meets. He competed in the B3 category in three successive Paralympic Games (Barcelona, Atlanta, and Sydney) before retiring in 2004. One of his crowning achievements was the Gold Medal in Pentathlon at the Atlanta Paralympics.

Jason has been an inspiration to those he has known, trained with, and competed against, and is a source of pride to Tumbler Ridge residents. Jason Delesalle will be giving a motivational presentation in the Tumbler Ridge Public Library on Saturday 27 January at 12 noon, as part of the ?Meet the Museum? day.