Tumbler Ridge’s Plant Swap

In a small corner of the Tumbler Ridge Elementary grounds tucked behind the skating rink space, is the TR Compost Demonstration Garden. There, growing in compost generated at the TR Transfer Site, are a number of plants proving their hardiness to our northern winters. The garden?s purpose is to dispel the myths associated with backyard composting and showcase its glories.

This year as part of the seasonal opening ceremonies, the Waste Reduction Program (operator of the Compost Garden) is hosting a plant swap, in addition to other activities. The plant swap is designed to allow gardeners to swap their plants with someone else?s. So if Gardener A seeded tomatoes and has extras, he might swap for the extra cabbages Gardener B has.

?Of course this isn?t limited to seedlings. Perennials, houseplants or cuttings from shrubs and trees would be welcome too?, says Program Director Sally Emory. ?In fact, I am planning to bring some of my irises. It?ll be fun to see what I will be able to bring home.?

Fun is the theme for the 2 hour event, scheduled to begin at 1:00 Sunday June 6th at the Compost Demonstration Garden. Poor weather would simply see the venue shift to the Recreation Centre. There will be information on composting, of course, as well as other environmentally friendly gardening tips. Rock painting is planned to occupy children of all ages, and beverages will be provided.

Everyone is invited to view the garden and talk to others with interest in gardening. If this proves to be a success, the plant swap will become an annual event. For more information contact Tumbler?s Eco-Educator, Karen Thomas, at 242-4696.