Tumbler Ridge?s Power Girls ? The Red Hat Society

Occasionally we observe ladies dressed in red and purple walking across the parking lot and wonder what is going on. These ladies are members of the Tumbler Ridge Chapter of the Red Hat Society (RHS) called TR Grizzly Girls.

Eileen Chamberlain who brought the idea from her holiday in the US in 2002 founded the group in 2003. Today the TR Chapter has 25 members who live the motto ?It?s all about fun.? through activities and gatherings with other Red Hat groups.

There are 335 internet registered RHS Chapters in British Columbia and 1866 Chapters Canada-wide. The members are ladies over 50 who carry the ?Genuine enthusiasm for wherever life takes us next?.? It?s All about Fun? but there is more behind this carefree motto.

The Red Hat philosophy assists and leads women to ?Spread their wings?. The activities offered in the groups and gatherings lead the members to explore new horizons and sometimes even to push the limits. The TR Grizzly Girls attended the Rainbow Coastal Experience, organized by the Prince Rupert RHS Chapter. The Ruby Raindrops, and groups from Northern British Columbia and Alaska enjoyed four days of history coastal hospitality and ocean adventure. Close to 100 women celebrated fun, friendship, freedom, and fulfillment.

?Life is short; eat dessert first,? says Sue Ellen Cooper, Exalted Queen Mother and founder of the now worldwide Red Hat Society.

For more information, call Norma Klein, at 250- 242-4523