Tumbler Ridge?s Sanctuary Valley Ranch

Gary and Carol Likes own Sanctuary Ranch and this is their ninth season of growing hanging baskets and bedding plants for Tumbler Ridge. As you enter the greenhouse you are surrounded with so many different colors of hanging baskets and a rich green color of the many rows of bedding plants. You might say it is a hummingbird?s heaven. There is a huge selection of baskets and bedding plants including fuchsia baskets, petunias of all colors, pansies, basket stuffers and even some vegetables. Carol tells me that it has been pretty chilly this year, necessitating the use of a wood burner to prevent freezing of the plants. A young couple from Tumbler Ridge, Shane Hughes and Jessica McLean, are working at the farm this year.

Sanctuary Ranch provides boarding for dogs all year long as a secondary business so don?t be surprised if you get a great welcome from a group of fur people on arrival at the property. Sanctuary Ranch is located 16 km from town on the way to Chetwynd. It is a rural road, gravel and most of it is in good shape. A sign approximately one km in on the right side of road will display a CLOSED sign if they are not open. You are invited to phone regarding your garden needs or any other questions you may have @ 250-242-1017; you can also have items delivered to your home or place of business. If you are coming out to the greenhouse and you have concerns over dogs, Carol says to just phone ahead and they will make sure they are in their pens. What they have to offer is of best quality and is treated and grown with loving hands, it is a beautiful spot as this property actually consists of eighty acres. They also do workshops on hanging baskets at our local library each year. For those that cannot drive out they will have their plants on sale at Jade True Value Hardware as they have done previous years. These will be available at Jade True Value at the end of May or you can always drive out to the farm.