Tumbler Ridge?s Young Musical Artist George Saul

Tumbler Ridge has a sleeping giant who has started his musical debut only weeks ago at The Tumbler Ridge Secondary School?s (TRSS) .Christmas concert. The sleeping giant I am referring to is 16 year old George Saul who moved to Tumbler Ridge last summer with his mother, father and older brother Donald. Saul wowed fans with his rendition of ?Nothing Else Matters?, ?Carol of the Bells?, ?Spanish Romance?, and ?Greensleeves?. His performance at the concert, on his electric Flying VV guitar, sounded very much like the guitar player, Carlos Santana. It was Mrs. Crispin, Saul?s music teacher, who encouraged George to play a few solo performances on his guitar for the audience at the TRSS concert. When introducing Saul to the audience, Mrs. Crispin made mention that George could pick up any instrument and play it with ease.

Saul was born in Sparwood, British Columbia. He has moved around a lot in his life being that his father is a mining engineer. He has lived as close as Elkford, British Columbia, and as far away as Yellowknife and Indonesia. Currently, his father is employed with Western Canadian Coal and the family has no plans to relocate any time soon. They are charmed by the community and the support that the town lends to artists like George. Saul?s parents are very proud of their son?s musical achievement and are in full support of George?s future. Saul is the youngest of four other siblings and has just celebrated his 16th birthday. His birthday gift was an Acoustic guitar.

When Saul was eight he fiddled a bit with his brother?s bass guitar. The interest lasted briefly until he started playing more seriously three years ago. Saul?s musical ability is self-taught. George?s father Brian informed the paper that George had taken guitar lessons in Ft. McMurray but that it was pointless since his level of ability was equal to his tutors. Saul?s parents mentioned that no one in the family has any musical ability. His older sister and brother, who do not reside in Tumbler Ridge, have not heard George play yet.

Saul currently practices with his band in the empty home of some family friends who are away for a year. The band is a Christian rock band which gets together and practices as often as they can when not attending school and other commitments. The band plans to have a name prior to entering Grizfest this August.

Saul isn?t certain of what his plans are for his career path as of yet but is committed to completing his education. If anyone hasn?t heard Saul play guitar yet one might agree that he won?t have to even think about it, his path may already be chosen for him.