Two Creeks Stables Offers Guided Horse Trailriding

Saddle up as Tumbler Ridge welcomes another positive hit for tourism. Already up and running, George and Pam Weidner have started several venues with the help of their 13 horses. One foal will not be ready for two years, but the rest await you.

As members of the Grizzly Valley Saddle Club for the past 12 years, this addition is icing on the cake for Pam Weidner, who has been riding since she was eight years old. ?Horses are relaxing and therapeutic.? she asserts, adding ?This (activity) helps with all sorts of stress, even depression.? Weidner herself seems both relaxed and energized about the new venture.

The business, which offers guided trail rides; horse training and riding lessons, is named Two Creek Stables, after the location it sits upon, between Quality Creek and Flatbed Creek. It is scheduled to run year-round with perhaps the exception of icy spring thaw. The horses are comfortable around our recreational sports with the use of ATV?s and dirt bikes.

With the amount of horses available, Weidner assures that the personality and size of horse will be suited to the rider, depending on experience and compatibility. The horses range in age from the newborn to 25 years old. ?What is most important is to build confidence in people and make the horse and rider compatible. Then (the rider) can enjoy and be safe with the horses.?

Weidner is flexible with the subject of dates and special circumstances. She allows that if a person requests a lengthier ride or a group event, among other things, that she would be willing to do her best to accommodate. It is evident there is no place she?d rather be, so to join her and husband George on a trail ride through the picturesque country side would indeed be a lovely day.

The trails that Two Creek Stables is currently permitted to use are property of the District and leased out to the business. Should the future call for trail rides outside of the community (along Saddle Club Road), permission would have to come from B.C. Forestry.

As to where this idea came from? ?It started with a tourism idea and we considered (running this business) a year ago. With (currently a larger population) of locals interested, now we can do it.?

And for the leery, she affirms that the trails are also suited to the individual and that before anyone goes anywhere, they will be given a 10-minute orientation with their horse. Call that a ?trot-through.? She is unyielding on the fact that if horse and rider are not comfortable or ready, then more time is needed before they go out together on a ride.

She is confident that given time together a horse and rider will both do nicely on the trail together.

To pre-book a guided trail ride, riding lessons or horse training and for current rates, please contact

250-242-7199 (cell) or 250-242-4021.