UNBC Book on Mackenzie and Tumbler Ridge

Last year the UNBC Press released a new book entitled “Building community in an Instant Town: A Social Geography of Mackenzie and Tumbler Ridge, BC” written by Greg Halseth and Lana Sullivan. Tom Michaels of Mackenzie and George Hartford of Tumbler Ridge wrote the preface to the book.

Greg and Lana have been conducting research in Mackenzie and Tumbler Ridge since 1998, and have used their findings to put this book together. The book is dedicated to the residents – past, present, and future – of Mackenzie and Tumbler Ridge.

The book is separated into four parts. Part One gives the history of Mackenzie and Tumbler Ridge from their incorporation; Part Two focuses on work and the local economy; Part Three highlights the role and contributions made by our local government; and Part Four discusses the importance of the voluntary sector and community events.

Halseth and Sullivan have donated copies to the District offices, Mackenzie and Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary Schools and the Public Libraries.

We are pleased to announce that copies are now available through the UNBC bookstore:

UNBC Bookstore

3333 University Way

Prince George, BC V2N 4Z9

tel: 250-960-6424

email: swray@unbc.ca

price: $26.95 plus GST

For more information, you can have a look at the website: