CALGARY, ALBERTA ? January 7, 2008 ? 12:45 pm ? At approximately 12:45 pm on January 3, 2008, ConocoPhillips crews were able to shut in and stop the flaring of the sweet gas at a well site located approximately 30 kilometers northeast of Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia. Weekend monitoring at the site confirms the well is no longer flowing. ConocoPhillips will now work to fully secure and abandon the sweet gas well, isolating the source of the gas permanently from the surface by filling the well in with cement.

The leak began at approximately 8:00 am Sunday, December 9 and ConocoPhillips immediately implemented its emergency response plan. The company took several steps to ensure the safety and well-being of the public, its employees, its contractors and the environment. It contracted HSE Integrated Ltd. to support with well control procedures, the largest oilfield safety services and emergency response company in Canada. Roadblocks were set up to restrict site access and all contractors and equipment were routed to avoid communities and protect public safety. Air monitoring equipment was also set up.

The company worked closely with the Oil and Gas Commission of British Columbia (OGC) and local authorities throughout the incident. Company representatives will continue to provide regular updates to local communities. Further media updates will also be issued as required.