Using Your EDO Effectively: Small Business Support

The term economic development is commonly used by government agencies and community groups to describe a variety of activities completed through their daily operations. Despite this however, the purpose and meaning of these activities is often lost or diluted when it reaches the local business community who, in the end, are responsible for the success of economic development initiatives. With the hope of ensuring that you make full use of what my department does, I would like to help bring clarity in describing one of my roles as the EDO for the District of Tumbler Ridge. An extremely important function of my department revolves around local business retention and expansion, or in other words, doing my best to ensure that your business succeeds and flourishes. I would like to strongly encourage local businesses to utilize my expertise:

?To receive advice on business opportunities, planning and marketing

?To receive guidance when dealing with anything impeding your business from succeeding

?To obtain District support (written or otherwise) for the start-up or expansion of your business

?To tap into networks for business support, information and resources that you may not be aware of.

Call me at any time to schedule an appointment or on site visit for any of these reasons, and then some. Up to 80% of all news jobs are created by existing firms rather than by new firms moving into the community, making small businesses an integral component of local economic growth. This fact has not gone unnoticed by the District Economic Development Department and I would like to emphasize that my door is always open when you need it. I can be reached Monday to Friday at 250.242.4242, ext. 225.