In the early hours of May 2, 2009 vandalism was done to the Miklos family yard on Cottonwood.

Pictured above shows where the flowerbed, fencing, and light fixtures were pulled right out of the ground.

Valerie Miklos and her husband have lived in Tumbler Ridge since 1983 and have been in this house just a few years. Last year they installed an underground watering system for their lawn, damaged when the watering heads were smashed by vandals. Her flower bed was also damaged when a bike was ridden over it, damaging the flower bulbs planted there.

The damage to her property is ongoing and she just doesn?t understand why.

These ongoing acts of vandalism add up financially, and is not often covered by insurance but must be paid for out of the homeowner?s pockets.

This resident was genuinely upset and just shook her head and said, ? what is happening to Tumbler Ridge?.