VAP Volunteers Recognized

Volunteers with the Victim Assistance Program in Tumbler Ridge were acknowledged Wednesday night at the Tumbler Ridge Inn. Volunteers Lisa Ruffel, Jerrilyn Schembri and Mimi Greengrass (left to right) were given pins and letters from the RCMP detachment thanking them for their years of service. The three volunteers have a combined total of over 18 years with the Victim Assistance Program in Tumbler Ridge. Victim Services Program Manager Daryl Simourd said ?I?m happy that these three workers have remained with the Victim Assistance program for all of these years. We are fortunate to have their consistency and experience in this community.?

Victim Assistance Program workers provide assistance to the victims of crime and assist the police and community in situations where there are multiple injuries or deaths such as fires, crashes, etc. They also provide crisis response and assist the RCMP in death notification of next of kin. VAP volunteers in Tumbler Ridge are also working towards hosting events that will educate the public on a variety of relevant topics.

Other services VAP workers provided include:

?Crisis Intervention

?Emotional Support

?Practical Assistance

?Information on the progress of both the police investigation and the court case

?Court orientation and accompaniment if you have to testify in court

?Assistance in completing Criminal Injury Compensation Forms and Victim Impact Statements

If you have been the victim of a crime or if you have questions, please contact a VAP worker through the RCMP office at 242-5252.