Freaking Out for Vinyl Cafe!!!

Trent Ernst, Editor

A local girl who won tickets to the upcoming Vinyl Café concert in Fort St. John has sparked a bit of an internet meme with her excitement at entering the contest.

Every Tuesday Night, fans of the Vinyl Café loiter around the Vinyl Café Facebook page in the hopes of winning tickets to upcoming Vinyl Café shows. The Vinyl Café is a CBC radio show hosted by Stuart McLean, and is one of the most popular radio shows in the country.

On October 2, Dante posted a note to the Facebook thread saying “Hey I’m Dante I’m 12 and I absolutely LOVE your show Your stories about Dave are really funny. My first one I ever heard was Dave and the Turkey last Christmas.”

A few minutes later, she posted: “This is fun I’m just going to go swimming my mom told me about the contest and I freaked out!”

Producer Jess Milton picked up on the thread and posted back “FREAKING OUT DANTE!!!!” Other fans of the show picked up on the thread. Amy Gayle posted: “DANTE your comment about “freaking out” is so cute, it made my drink come out of my nose. Thank you for the giggle I love your enthusiasm :)”

A few minutes later Stuart McLean posted: “Hey Dante, 12 years old. You win a pair of tickets for fort St John.” Shortly thereafter he posted: “as well as sending you tickets I am putting your name on the backstage list so you can meet me backstage after the show and you can FREAK OUT backstage.”

From there, the ball just kept rolling. Vinyl Café fan Anne Cornelison posted: “visualizing Dante freaking out again right now!” Amy Gayle posted that she was “FREAKING OUT for Dante.”

Producer Jess Milton posted that she thinks “everyone should be FREAKING OUT FOR DANTE”, and that she was going to start a new band called FREAKING OUT FOR DANTE.

And everyone did Freak out for Dante, with post after post on the theme. The next day, Jess posted a picture of herself with a sign saying : “I’m freaking out for Dante”, and later, a picture of her dog with the same sign. There was even discussion “I’m Freaking out!” Tee-shirts for the show.

And how does Dante feel about all this attention? She says “I’m freaking out!”

Dante will be attending the show in Fort St. John on October 22. There are still some tickets left if anyone else wants to go freak out with her. Contact the North Peace Cultural Centre for more information.