Visitor and Tourism Booth opens

Tumbler Ridge is putting its best face forward to welcome tourists this summer.

In this case, that face belongs to Lindsey Vandale, the new Tourism Info Booth Manager.

She moved to Tumbler Ridge from Calgary, specifically to take this job. But it wasn?t the job that drew her to town. ?My best friend and her family live up here, some I?m up here four or five times a year,? says Vandale. ?I love it up here. While I was down in Calgary, I read the Tumbler Ridge News online. That was how I found out about the job. I?ve been wanting to move up here for a long time. When I saw the ad for a job I was qualified for, I applied and?here I am.?

Vandale is a graduate of Malispina?s Tourism program (?One of the few accredited tourism programs in Canada,? says Vandale, ?though that, thankfully, is changing?).

Vandale plans to stick around the community for a while. The only problem is that her job is only for the summer. Still, she remains optimistic that she can find something else to do in town, so that she can stay year round. ?I?m hoping that they line me enough up here that they?ll find something else for me to do.?

One of Vandale?s first priorities is to get to know the town and what there is to do around town. ?I went for a walk around town with Ray (Proulx) and he introduced me to everyone.? After a marathon clean-up of the Information Centre, her next task is to hire a couple part-time staffers for the Information Booth.

Lindsey will be at the Tourist Information Booth most days throughout the summer. Stop by and say hi.