Winter Carnival 2012: Mardi Gras Style

12 Groups and organizations attended meetings and came together to organize a weekend full of events.  

This year’s carnival had a Mardi Gras theme and the week leading up to the carnival was crazy with children, youth and adults making Mardi Gras masks.  Each room in the facility was utilized to accommodate these serious mask makers and the glitter in the corners of each room is proof.  All masks were eligible to win prizes during the weekend events.
The library hosted their Scrabble Returns contest with Keenan Render, Leslie MacKay and Evelyn Sankovic taking away the top prize.  TR Days Society hosted an ice sculpting contest where four teams came out in the morning rain and began sculpting.  Greg Amos walked away with first prize for his replica of Mayor Wren and Councilor Snyder standing by their Kinuseo falls sculpture at the Fort St John ice competition a week prior.  Donna Merry and family win the People’s Choice award for their colorful sculpture of a peacock.  Marissa Maloney who was a late contestant managed to sculpt the TR logo winning an Honorable mention and our Mayor and Councilors take the Local Government Award.
TRUMP hosted a Coffee House located at the Senior’s Corner where all age groups attended.  Treats and a good time were had by all.  TRUMP representative Brian Bray received good feedback and more Coffee House’s will be organized in the future.
The Youth organized and hosted a Mardi Gras dance where 82 dancing teens gathered.  Prizes were awarded for best mask and dance moves.  The Lion’s Club of TR hosted a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning and served up approx. 100 plates.  Later they operated the lower concession over the weekend feeding the hungry hockey teams who came to Tumbler Ridge for a tournament.
The Seniors hosted a luncheon and had 25 participants come out for their free bingo.  The indoor scavenger hunt was very popular with one senior and 22 children running the building searching out their clues.  All participants received a facility pass.
27 Crafters from far and near came out to sell their goods.  All tables reported they did very well and enjoyed their time in Tumbler Ridge.  The Cheese Cake Café was opened and yummy treats were served.  Laughing children enjoyed the bouncy castles and a leisure game of floor curling.  
The Art’s Council put on a fabulous Mardi Gras dance where approx. 60 people came out for the fun.  Prizes were to be awarded for the best costume but when they looked…the piñata was gone.
Sunday was packed with thrilling events.  12 dozen hotdogs were cooked over the fire and the Youth, local residents, RCMP, Councilors and our Mayor all took to the tennis courts for a friendly game of road hockey.  Not sure who played fair or who the real winners were but the laughter in the distance indicated they all had fun.
A Mardi Gras parade marched through the arena stands and out to the fire pit where children had the opportunity to show off their masks.  The ASAP kids marched in a flashy dragon suit that really caught the eye and attention of the spectators.   Sparky and Frosty the Snowman lead the children to a candy filled piñata where they took turns swinging the bat to break it open.  Candy flew everywhere and the children scrambled. Jeff Cooper and Teresa Erickson organized outdoor games that included snowman and angel painting, scooter hockey, relay races and more.  Everyone enjoyed the great weather including Mayor Wren and Councilor Caisley as they lay in the snow making angels.
If you missed this year’s events and would like to get involved next year please attend our next meeting on September 12, 2012 to help with the organizing of Winter Carnival 2013.