Weigh to Go

Over the last few months, I have been pondering a way to get my children active this summer. My older daughter, Ashley has been working out diligently with me on a regular basis. She has been going for walks with me and helping her grandfather build a new fence. Apparently, my weight loss and health goals have spurned this new effort on her part. She has lost 4 pounds so far.

My younger daughter was a no-brainer. She is always active, moving all over the place all the time. She will always be slim because she possesses the ?I-am-never-going-to-stop-moving-ever-because-I?m-hyper? gene.

It was my son that was hardest to get inspired for a longer period of time. When we lived in Alberta, he played football and was always active. He loved that sport. He was very disheartened to discover that it wasn?t offered yet here in the community when we arrived here almost three years ago. I am actually hoping to get the interest of the community to get this sport up and running here in Tumbler Ridge in the near future. However, that takes time, and already, summer was fleeing by.

Then, my son came up with the idea to purchase a Nintendo Wii gaming system. He played it a friend?s house this summer and thought it was awesome. ?Oh great,? I thought, ?Another sit on the couch game system?. I was less than impressed with his suggestion.

Last week, after he returned from a visit with his dad in Edmonton, Austen asked again if he could purchase the gaming system with the money he earned working for his grandfather at his shop. My son earned just enough to get the system, a few games, and an extra controller.

?Are you sure you don?t want to keep that (money) for something else?? I asked him. Nope. He was determined. He wanted the system.

After several hours of searching every store in Grande Prairie, we began to lose hope. We finally located a system at our last stop. Austen was over the moon. I could care less. I mean, even though he had been doing some kickboxing this spring, the idea kind of petered out when I began heading my workouts outdoors. I wasn?t entirely thrilled that he was about to purchase something else that involved not getting off the couch. At least in the winter months, my son could see me working out and it seemed to inspire him to do the same. Once I began working out outdoors, he lost his inspiration. At least until the Wii system arrived.

Let me explain this system to you. It is operated by actually holding a remote and pointing it at the television and gaming system base. Sounds easy right? Wrong! You actually HAVE to participate in the game you are playing. That means, if you are playing golf, you actually have to swing the club. If you are playing baseball, you have to swing the bat. If you are playing a kung fu fighting game, you actually have to punch, kick and huff and puff your way through to the end. Cool. I was totally impressed. It was a start and it got my son exercising again.

?This is what I was trying to tell you mom!? Austen said, ?It is a way of exercising and having fun!? I guess I blocked that part out after I heard the words, ?We should get this new game system?.

Exercise incorporated with fun! What a novel idea! What a great way to get any kid (and adult) off the couch and moving. I smiled to myself when my son went to help his grandfather build his fence this last week. He was stiff and sore in his arms and legs from all the ?exercise? he got from playing his game the night before.

The message here is: don?t worry too much parents. Your children are very smart and they will find a way to get fit as long as you remain an inspiration to them. They just have to find what they like and what works for them.

Now, I can?t wait to get Austen a football ?video? game for Christmas! I might even play?..