Weigh to go

My friends and family were a source of inspiration during this time too. I would watch my five year old dancing in the back yard and thought, ?How active she is!? I drew inspiration from her carefree attitude and began really enjoying my workouts. I purchased and iPod Nano and began adding running to my walks. I felt so free and alive when I ran. No matter what-rain or shine-I ran. I began to exercise in the early morning or late in the evening since it was beginning to get too warn during the day. Summer was fast approaching.

My fiancé began walking with me too. He would grumble when I would meet him at the door when he was just getting off the bus from a night shift. ?Ready?? I would say beaming wearing my brand new running shoes. I knew I could count on him though. After all, it was 5:30 in the morning and bears are really hungry at that time of day! I wasn?t going to do this alone! I needed the moral support and, well, the protection too. (Like a bear is really going to stop at just one of us if it?s really hungry-wishful thinking) We didn?t see any bears though, and the walks were a great time for us to connect as a couple. It was alone time for us. He would shower and hit the sack as soon as we got home and I would begin my day getting lunches ready, kids off to school, whatever.

By June 15th, I discovered that I had lost 33 pounds. I was elated, and everyone around me was really starting to notice. ?I can hardly recognize you anymore!? one friend said. I was beginning to feel toned and stronger. I had also introduced kickboxing into my routine which was a major plus. My waistline, arms, legs, and butt were really beginning to look more toned. I had a spring in my step and a permanent smile on my face.

By June 28th, I had lost 38 pounds, and I will continue to lose every week until I reach my goal. What drives me now is very different than the thoughts I had back in February. I now have passion and inspiration for the journey. I am doing something special for me. This is my choice. It?s not about the weight. It?s about the feeling I get when I do these things every day. The inspiration I get from nature, friends, and other great people within the community. I know that I am just one person, but I also know that I am not alone in the weight loss battle.

I don?t claim to be a diet expert or even a fitness champion. I am a real person just like you. I am a mom of three children with a part-time job, and I have off days too. I have kids who get sick, and deadlines to meet, tired days, fat days, days where I am rushed, and days that the thought of getting up at 5:30 am is just downright unbearable.

But I persevere. I get up at 5:30 am to go walking. I stay up all night with the child who is throwing up, and do a workout right after that. I eat the ?healthy things? that we are supposed to eat. I run. I walk. I go out to awards ceremonies and Council meetings. I clean my house. I fit it all in my day no matter what, and I never make excuses. It?s like the Nike phrase ?Just Do it!?

For all of you wonderful supportive friends and neighbours who have complemented me in the last few months and want a few words of advice, here they are: The decision to lose weight is a choice.

You can choose to be tired and not follow through with the 5:30 am workout-even if you were up all night. You can sleep in until 8:00 am and go through the day with all the excuses in the world to avoid that walk, run, soccer game, racquetball tournament, and swim lesson, whatever. You can choose to eat whatever you want or drink anything you want. That is your right.

Or-you can choose to wake up, get your running shoes on, and smell the sun warming the leaves on the trees, see the glistening dew on the grass of your neighbours? lawn, and hear the birds singing. You can watch the early morning bustle of vehicles transporting people to and from work for the mines as your body transports you father, harder, faster. You can feel the warm burn that your body feels after you have lifted weights. How strong you feel! You can feel the cool rain falling on your face while you are running-how refreshing! You can receive the complements from your friends who have watched your progress and know that your hard work is showing and paying off.