Welcome to Kindergarten Premiers in Tumbler Ridge

Before starting school, children in Tumbler Ridge will be given preparatory resources and experiences to position them for school success and lifelong learning. Parents/caregivers/families are invited to attend a workshop at Tumbler Ridge Elementary, where they will receive early literacy resources as part of the Welcome to Kindergarten Program and learn strategies for using the resources with their child.

The goal of Welcome To Kindergarten is to provide pre-school children with the resources and experiences to begin their formal education with a foundation in literacy nurtured in their home.

Inside the Welcome to Kindergarten Bag are an assortment of resources that go home with families for use all summer long. These resources include:

·magnetic letters and numbers

concept, counting and story books

thick crayons and pencil, glue stick, round end scissors

a scribbler and coloured construction paper

parent information pamphlet, Help Your Child Get Ready For School

templates of upper and lower case letters and numbers 1-10


Once a kindergarten child is registered at the elementary school, their family will receive an invitation to attend a WTK orientation session in May or June. At the parent orientation meetings, families receive the resources for the Welcome to Kindergarten Program and learn activities to do with their children to help get them ready for school. Curriculum connections from this session include Early Literacy; Early Numeracy; and Learning Skills.

The session may include community partners such as the local Public Librarian, Community Health Nurse, etc. for families to meet as well.