Welcome Wagon Ready to Roll

Lynsey Kitching
The Tumbler Ridge Welcome Wagon is ready to start greeting newcomers to town. 
Naomi Westergard, organizer says, “I am basically ready to start visiting now; I just have one more thing to collect from one of my sponsors and I am waiting for one other package in the mail.”
The wagon has four businesses sponsoring and at least a couple more to come. The companies are offering some great gifts. So far, the sponsors include Eye for Detail Photography, Shop-Easy, the Tumbler Ridge News and Sheena’s Tanning. Westergard is also starting to get posters and cards out around town. 
Westergard doesn’t want to give hints at the great gifts being donated, because it would spoil the surprise, but she does say, “There are a few nice free goodies and services, and more to come as sponsors are added. I also have a civic package with information from community groups and services such as town hall, the visitors’ centre, the police station, the community centre, the library and more.”