Western Canadian Coal announces the official opening of their Tumbler Ridge operations

Western Canadian Coal has announced its grand opening, with an Open House and a mine tour of the facility for residents of the community who will be bussed to the mine site from the Shop Easy parking lot.

As of March 31, 2006 the company?s total capital expenditures in its Wolverine project is $193,792,000. In their annual report for 2006, the company states that $111,205,000 relates to site infrastructure and mine development costs. $82,587,000 relates to plant, equipment, and mine facilities at Wolverine. Total capital for plant, facilities, site infrastructure, and mine development costs is anticipated to be $242,000,000.

What that means to the community and the region is jobs, prosperity, and a community that now promises to live up to its potential. Tumbler Ridge is the largest (land mass) municipality in British Columbia and was built as part of the 1.5 billion dollar northeast coal project in 1981. All of this is welcome news, not just for our community, but for our neighbors.

We can put behind us the years when businesses closed in Dawson Creek, and in Tumbler Ridge, most of the houses were empty and the most common sight on the streets were not cars, but deer and bear taking back their territory.