What a beautiful day for a jaunt through the forest

Lynsey Kitching


Participants of the Ridge Ramble Cross Country race couldn’t have asked for a better day for a run. The air was crisp, the sun was shining, the leaves were crunchy on the ground, and the fresh smell of fall was all around. The events started off with the young ones doing their lap along the Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society’s winter ski trails by the golf course, which as of now, are still snow free.

Age categories continued from the first group of grades one to three, all the way up to Elite Masters, with distances ranging from 1.3 kilometres up to six kilometres.

This year was the twelfth annual Ridge Ramble and Linda Helm has been the organizer of the race since year one. More than 20 volunteers accompanied her this year and came out to help. Charles Helm, who is also instrumental in the planning of the event says, “We couldn’t do it without them.”

Fifty-nine participants registered for the events, however there were two who did not finish the race.

Results are as follows:


Grade 1-3 Boys 1.3 km

Owen Lizotte Dawson Creek 0:05:52

Ronan Deeley Tumbler Ridge 0:06:33

Brock Smith Tumbler Ridge 0:06:52

Nicholas Hoekstra Tumbler Ridge 0:07:14


Grade 1-3 Girls 1.3 km

Laurel VanderGiesen Bezanson 0:06:05

Savannah White Tumbler Ridge 0:06:55 Lucia Jensen Tumbler Ridge 0:07:06

Olivia Proulx Tumbler Ridge 0:07:28

Lucy Noack Tumbler Ridge 0:08:06

Felicia Smith Tumbler Ridge 0:08:08

Alara Lang Tumbler Ridge 0:09:05

Serenity Reno Dawson Creek 0:10:48

Paige Hoekstra Tumbler Ridge 0:12:38


Grade 4-6 Boys 1.3 km

Conner Fletcher Grande Prairie 0:05:44

Isaac Jensen Tumbler Ridge 0:07:38

Aiden Fletcher Tumbler Ridge 0:07:48


Grade 4-6 Girls 1.3 km

Shelby Nickerson Tumbler Ridge 0:07:46

Emma Bellows Tumbler Ridge 0:07:52

Isabella Jensen Tumbler Ridge 0:07:56

Emmalynn Pindera Tumbler Ridge 0:08:03

Hannah Fry Tumbler Ridge 0:08:34

Allie Geer Tumbler Ridge 0:09:39


Grade 7-9 Boys 3 km

Roger McPhail Dawson Creek 0:15:46

Logan Moorman Dawson Creek 0:22:47


Grade 7-9 Girls 3 km

Hudson Zatwarniski Tumbler Ridge 0:15:52

Anna VanderGiesen Bezanson 0:16:43

Tammy Chalifoux Tumbler Ridge 0:18:39


Grade 10-12 Boys 6 km

Brandon Lysholm Dawson Creek 0:25:45

Caleb Gale Tumbler Ridge 0:27:36

Aaron Glover Dawson Creek 0:32:56

Braiden Chalifoux Tumbler Ridge 0:38:14


Grade 10-12 Girls 4.7 km

Brittany Duval Grande Prairie 0:20:53

Emma Newhook Beaverlodge 0:26:02

Kelly Fry Tumbler Ridge 0:28:27

Carey Tolmay Tumbler Ridge 0:30:41

Jazlyn Lenart Tumbler Ridge 0:33:20


Open Men 6 km

Broyden Bennett Fort St John 0:25:39

Ryan Weymark Tumbler Ridge 0:30:22


Open Women 6 km

Michelle Dagg Port Alberni 0:30:09

Sarah Mcleod Tumbler Ridge 0:33:27

Emily McKeeman Grande Prairie 0:34:53

Allison Learning Tumbler Ridge 0:35:07

Julie McCloskey Nova Scotia 0:39:39

Amber Bell Tumbler Ridge 0:40:37

Tina Geer Tumbler Ridge 0:40:44

Candice Bellows Tumbler Ridge 0:41:58

Teresa Erickson Tumbler Ridge 0:42:04

Brianne Floberg Tumbler Ridge 0:43:05


Masters Men 1 (35 – 49) 6 km

Eric Wolf Dawson Creek 0:26:35

Jeff Butcher Tumbler Ridge 0:29:55

Bob Gale Tumbler Ridge 0:40:18

Tom Phillips Tumbler Ridge 0:53:07


Masters Women 1 (35 – 49) 6 km

Terri Gale Tumbler Ridge 0:30:32

Kareana Jensen Tumbler Ridge 0:31:56

Chris VanderGiesen Bezanson 0:36:11


Masters Men 2 (50+) 6 km

Charles Helm Tumbler Ridge 0:28:56

Gordon Harris Fort St John 0:29:56


Organizers would also like to thank district staff for preparing the trails and the Golf course for their support.