What colour best represents Tumbler Ridge on our flag? Council thinks green

Lynsey Kitching


A slightly odd recommendation was brought before council and it was about changing a colour on the Tumbler Ridge flag, odd because it was not clear who had wanted it brought forward in the first place.

Apparently there were requests from a number of council members to change the flag, though in discussion, no councillor (five out of six present) at the meeting seemed to want the colour changed.

The proposed change would have made the green boarder along the bottom and the top of the flag, blue instead.

The decision came before Council because the colour scheme was set by a resolution of council back in 2005 and it would take a resolution to change it.

“Myself I will vote against changing the colours,” says Councillor Snyder. “The colours represent our area and everything about it. I don’t know the reason for changing from the green to the blue, there would be no representation for the forest and the land we live in. I don’t know why the blue came up to be discussed. I am against changing our colours.”

In a similar tone Councillor Caisley explains, “I have a problem with it as well. I had a problem when they changed it from the original logo they had. I thought very strongly it suited this part of the world and Tumbler Ridge. I am not in favour of changing the green to blue.”

However, he does think the flag should be augmented. “What I am in favour of is having the green involved, but maybe there is something else that can be done to the design of the flag that would make it a little more attractive relative to the green. I think when people look at that I think I would be hard to see the green represents the forest and the area that we live in. Certainly if it comes down to it, I would like to see it changed back to the browns,” says Caisley.

“Really we don’t have a lot of water here,” says Councillor Mackay. “Our lakes are relatively small, the rivers are very small. If something was there with waterfalls that would make more sense to me. The green makes sense to me. We are surrounded by nothing but forest. I would be apprehensive to make the changes,” he says.

The colours that were chosen, where also picked for a reason, as Councillor McPherson explains. “I was around when they changed the flag and there were reasons for the colours that were picked and the green was the forest even though it’s not as green as it used to be.”

With no councillors in favour of the colour change, the Tumbler Ridge flag will stay bordered in green to represent our wilderness.

But the question remains, who brought it up in the first place?