What Tumbler Ridge residents have to say about the US presidency

On January 20th history was made as Barrack Obama was made the 44th President of the United States. This history-making event was viewed all over the world and more people viewed the swearing in ceremony than at any other time in modern history. It was easy to walk around Tumbler Ridge and ask some of our residents their views on this historical moment.

Timm Schofield:

pictured above said ? amazing that a African American has been elected and made president?, he feels this is a very positive thing for everyone.

Don MacLennan:

?GREAT? good change, thinks Obama will bring cultural leadership and like most feels a positive global thing has happened.

Anna Jeffrey:

A proud young Aboriginal Canadian feels he will do great things for the economy on a global basis.

Bill Woods:

Thinks it is a positive move and Obama?s intentions are good. Bill thinks he has a huge job ahead of him and can only be accomplished if ?everyone? works for the common goal, this is not a job Obama can do by himself, but does feel overall this is a positive thing.

Dorothy Milligan:

Thinks that Obama is a people person where the former president was not. Feels positive about changes coming to the United States and finding a balance in prejudices. A very positive thing for the whole world.

Ina Walton: ?Wonderful? Obama is going to do a good job, made history today in so many ways.

Dan German: Thinks Obama has a tremendous job ahead of him as President. Main issues he feels for Obama is the war and economy. Feels Canada will benefit from his leadership.

From the Editor:

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