What would King William Do?

Trent Ernst, Editor

It began as an improv.

The Tumbler Ridge Secondary Drama group was improvising a scene that stuck in the head of Aaron Wylie. He took the core of the scene and began writing a play around it.

He got five pages down before bringing it back to the Drama Class. The rest of the kids loved it, and, according to teacher Tracy Krauss, they all sat around, writing the play collaboratively. “Everybody wrote a part, a scene. Then it took about eight hours of sitting down and hashing it through to come up with the final script.”

By the end of it all, says Aaron, all his jokes had been written out of the play. “Apparently, they were too crude,” he says.

“One hundred percent inappropriate content,” agrees Krauss.

“It was awesome sitting around the table, and brainstorming,” says Krauss. “Coming up with ideas, writing lines…”

“Cutting out my jokes…” mutters Aaron.

The story, says Aaron, revolves around King William the Second, a rather unintelligent fellow, who decides to travel the world. “He takes his friend Harold and his squire Archibald with him and they get into all sorts of mischief. But the King is really dumb.”

“It’s very Monty Python-esque, a bit of Saturday Night Live,” says Krauss. “It’s an idiot travel adventure.”

Dalton Janzen plays Kim Jong Un in the play. He says his favourite part is the outrageous Korean accent. “Welcome to the People’s Republic of North Korea,” he says.

Tasi Delpierre says her favourite running gag is how, when the king needs to get information or wants to win someone’s favour, he gets Archibald to do it. “He says, ‘Archibald, go seduce that person, so that we can get what we want.’ That’s a reoccurring gag. Of course, he doesn’t know what to do so he uses terrible, lame pick-up lines.”

“He uses the best pick-up lines,” breaks in Aaron.

Unlike the last few drama productions written by the students, where there have been a series of plays, this is all one play, but with a lot of different scenes and settings, says Tasi. “He goes everywhere in the world and offends someone in each place,” says Krauss. “And kills someone there, too,” says Tasi.

The play, entitled King William Travels the World is happening June 4 and 5 in the TRSS Gym.