By Sherry Berringer, School Trustee

This term the French classes at Little Prairie Elementary have been learning about the Francophone culture in Canada. They became Quebec travelers by learning all about the huge winter festival that occurs every February. This amazing event is called, ?Carnaval de Quebec.?

Throughout the term, students watched video clips of the carnaval. They researched information on the internet and entered a Bonhomme drawing contest. Students learned several French salutations and courtesy words. They also learned some expressions and how to ask for directions in French. These things helped them to become better communicators during ?our travels to Quebec,? this month.

To celebrate our unit and apply our French speaking skills, the students participated in our own Carnaval de Quebec here at Little Prairie. Each student made a passport and was given a Bonhomme effige (a snowman, who is the official mascot of the event). Students eagerly participated in the many activities while getting their passports stamped. The activities were a simulation of what you would find at the real carnaval. They included: boot hockey, snow maze, ice painting/sculpting, sledding, obstacle course, canoe race, snowshoeing and maple syrup on a stick. We even had our own chefs cooking up crepes in our little French cafe. Of course Bonhomme could be found throughout the day speaking French to all the students. It was a fun, French filled day!