What’s Shakin Sherry?


At one of our school trustee meetings, we, the trustees, better known as ?The Magnificent Seven?, decided we needed to have more communication with the public. We want to tell you about the programs, activities and special people we have here in School District #59. So, I met with two District staff, Candy Clouthier, District Principal, and Frances Armstrong, Career Programs Manager, and we came up with the idea for a column called, ?What?s Shakin? Sherry??

If you wish more information about any district topic, or if you are curious about a subject we haven?t covered yet, send me an email at sberringer@sd59.bc.ca[1] or phone me at (250) 242-3369 and I willdo my best to accommodate your questions.

The first in this series is called:

Adventure in Trades

This class has changed my life?, said grade 10 student, Rorie Formaniuk. He was talking about the Introduction to Trades Class at South Peace Secondary School. ?I know exactly what I want to do with my life and this class has helped me see that.? Formaniuk went on to say, ?I always thought I would become a welder like my dad, but now I know I want to become an Oil and Gas Field Operator.?

The Introduction to Trades class is a partnership between School District #59 and Ministry of Energy Mines and Petroleum Resources. It introduces students to oil and gas industry trades. It also prepares them to enter into dual credit programs in their grade 11 year. The course combines classroom learning with hands-on activities. During the semester, several trades persons spoke to the class and students were able to ask them questions.

It was after hearing one such speaker that Formaniuk made his decision to move from welding to Oil and Gas Field Operations. ?Welders work hard when it is busy, but you can?t predict the down-time. Oil and Gas Field Operators have an opportunity to work shift work with a regular schedule.?

At the end of the semester, students were able to go on two tours. The first one was at the EnCana Steeprock Gas Plant. They were able to see the operations through the eyes of EnCana tradespersons. The second tour was an in-depth look at the Northern Lights College Oil and Gas Centre of Excellence. Students visited the campus and saw the dormitories where some of them will call home in a couple of years.

?I?ll bet 90% of the students from this class will go into the trades.? remarked an enthusiastic Formaniuk.

Board Meeting Highlights Jan 16,

Reports from the Superintendent Reports from the Superintendent School Planning Councils ? The memberships of the various School Planning Councils has been updated for 2007/08.

Helmet Use – The District has accepted the advice of the School Protection Program, and will require that all students participating in alpine skiing or snowboarding will be required to wear a helmet. In considering this requirement and the potential for head injury on school events, the Board extended the requirement to include all activities where speed is a factor, and students are physically exposed. This will include activities such as tobogganing, hockey, broomball, cycling, snowmobile or quad activities and horseback riding. The revised regulation is attached.

Nutrition in Schools ? The Board reviewed the District regulation on Nutrition in Schools but did not make any amendments.

School Bus Transportation ? the Board reviewed the District regulations around in-town busing and walk limits but did not make any amendments.

Dual Credit Program Agreement with NLC ? After 18 months of negotiations, the District and Northern Lights College signed off the articulation agreement that will see the continuation of the Auto Service Technician and Heavy DutyCommercial Transport dual credit programs.

Farewell to BCIT – On January 16 the District hosted past and present BCIT employees for an appreciation dinner. The work of the BCIT staff in the District?s dual credit programs over the past 13 years, has opened many doors and launched careers for hundreds of students in School District 59. Trustees will honour their dedicated work, creativity and commitment.

_Inland Chrysler Steps Up – Late in the fall, District staff was in conversation with Jim Inkster from Inland Chrysler to extend our appreciation for his personal, and automotive industry based support, advocating for the continuation of an Auto Service Training program in Dawson Creek. Jim learned that the new vehicles currently used as teaching resources in the BCIT program, would likely be removed to their Burnaby campus with their departure from the region. Not satisfied that the programs may not have the best equipment possible to train the students, he began to make some phone calls. Recently Jim reported that Chrysler Canada and Inland Chrysler would be donating a Dodge diesel 4×4 pick up to the new NLC Auto Service Program, to be a teaching resource for the students. Many thanks to Jim.

Report Cards ? The District has upgraded all of the Report Card information for Grades 8 to 12 into a digital data base. This now allows the District to analyze student marks and trends.

Reports From the Secretary Treasurer

Reports From the Secretary Treasurer_New Buses ? The Board passed a bylaw authorizing the purchase of 4 new school buses

Next Regular Meeting ?February 13, 2008 at 1:00pm Dawson Creek

Next Regular Meeting ?February 13, 2008 at 1:00pm Dawson Creek